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About Pink Elementary


Library Catalog

Search for books in our library. Currently, this may only be accessed from school.


Brain Pop

Videos, quizzes and activities for students. User name and password required for full access to site resources. User name and password is required.

fact hound

Fact Hound

FactHound is an innovative new Web portal designed to provide students with the most accurate and current resources available on the Internet. Students can visit and search by book ID number, title, keyword, or ISBN for additional information. FactHound will fetch a list of approved and recommended Web sites matching the search criteria.


Fort Bend County Library

Visit the Fort Bend County Library for resources and to search for books.


Google Safe Search

A child friendly safe search engine powered by Google to protect kids from potentially harmful material online. The safe browsing feature allows your kids to safely surf the web with a much lower risk of accidentally seeing illicit material.


Pebble Go

Kid-friendly database for reading and research. User name and password is required.


Success Maker

Games and learning activities for school and home access. User name and password required


Visual Dictionary

A dictionary with a new point of view that catches the eye and enriches the mind.

Word Central

Word Central

Merriam-Webster's kid-friendly dictionary, thesaurus and rhyming dictionary


World Book Encyclopedia

The complete World Book encyclopedia plus multimedia, web links, periodicals, and more. User name and password are required.