Memorandum promises more cooperation with schools in China

Mar 09, 2018 | Community Relations
Lamar JH - Pic 2

Teachers from Nanjing, China visit a classroom at Lamar Junior High School.

Go to your map of the world and locate The People’s Republic of China. On the coast of the East China Sea, you will find Shanghai. Slide about 200 miles due west and you will locate the city of Nanjing. Stick a pin in the map designating another Asian city that has sent educators to Lamar CISD.

Teachers and school officials from Nanjing visited Hubenak Elementary, Lamar Junior High and Lamar Consolidated High School on March 2. 

Campus visits continued March 5 when the Nanjing contingent visited Ryon Middle School, Reading Junior High and George Ranch High School. 

 “It was a great opportunity for our Lamar CISD schools to showcase our highly successful career and technology programs with a focus on math, science and engineering skills,” said Leslie Haack, Lamar CISD’s Executive Director for Secondary Education.

Representatives of the Nanjing Municipal Education Bureau of the People’s Republic of China co-signed a memorandum of understanding between Fort Bend County and Nanjing. Lamar CISD Superintendent Dr. Thomas Randle and Fort Bend County Judge, Robert Hebert cosigned the MOU for Fort Bend County. Both parties agreed to future educator exchange opportunities including a collaborative partnership designed to further develop teaching and learning skills among teachers from both countries.

This is the third group from Asia to visit Lamar Consolidated ISD. Prior exchanges include the George Ranch and Terry high schools’ student and staff exchange with Foshan, China and the Foster High School - Dong Gang High School in Ping Tung, Taiwan student and staff exchange. 

Foster High school students and staff are currently visiting their sister school in Taiwan and scheduled to depart for Beijing, China on March 11 for the second part of the exchange trip.