Road to State: Fulshear High School Marching Band Qualifies for State Contest

Nov 07, 2018 | Community Relations


The Fulshear High School Charger Marching Band recently qualified for the State Marching Band Contest after finishing 2nd in Finals at the Area competition. The State Contest is being held at the Alamodome in San Antonio on Nov. 7. Now in its third year since the school opened, this is the bands’ first year to qualify for State, and the earliest they could have qualified.

In addition to the hard work and many rehearsals over the marching band season, CFHS Band Director Andrew Lee attributes their quick success to the student leadership and support from the school.

“The Charger Marching Band has grown from 23 students to 120 over the last three years,” said Lee. “Everything this band has done these first three years is going to shape what the program is for the next 15 to 20 years.”

Every student’s experience in the band is different. Hear from a few of the students in the Charger Marching Band who have helped develop the young program:

Paige Nielsen

Senior Paige Nielsen, the Charger band’s first drum major, switched to marching band in junior high after years of participating in orchestra. She was the only drum major her sophomore year and has seen the band grow from those first 23 students to the full band it is today.

“I think being a drum major and being in this band has shaped who I am today,” said Nielsen. “I’m so proud of the band. You get one shot to be amazing in this competition and everyone in the band knew what to do.”

Will Sewell

Senior Will Sewell became the band’s second drum major during his junior year, which is rare as a percussionist. Sewell began playing percussion in 6th grade and has come close to going to the State Marching Band Contest with other schools in the past.

“Going to State is incredible,” said Sewell. “It’s a great feeling to be part of something we’ve worked so hard on for the last three months. We can finally see that work pay off.”

Jasmine Windon

Junior Jasmine Windon became the third drum major for the Charger Marching Band. Her love of music began in elementary school, but the CFHS band is where she really felt welcome and helped her break out of her shell.

“It’s a wave of emotions knowing we’re going to the State Marching Contest,” said Windon. “We’ve created something from the first year to the third year that has really flourished.”

Raylee Schobel

Senior Raylee Schobel’s experience in band is different from the norm. While many of her peers began playing music in elementary or junior high, she first joined the Charger Marching Band her junior year. She had never played an instrument or learned to read music, but was willing to take on the challenge. A year and a half later, Schobel says she’s still learning, but has experienced major support from her peers and Director Andrew Lee.

“My trombone section has been super supportive and they’ve helped me learn at a quick pace,” said Schobel. “I’ve also learned a lot about life while being in band. If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it right.”

The Charger Marching Band will perform at the State Marching Band Contest at 12:15 p.m. on Nov. 7. Click here to watch a livestream of the band’s performance.