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Macha Recognized by College Board

Apr 04, 2019 | Community Relations

When students at 1621 Place walk into counselor Marci Macha’s office, not only are they greeted by her warm smile, but by a very important reminder hanging on a pink sticky note above her computer- “Be someone’s cheerleader.”

Macha has been selected as an honoree by the 2019 College Board Counselor Recognition Program. Macha was nominated for her exemplary work and evident commitment to her work as a Professional School Counselor.

Marci Macha’s dedication to her students and 1621 Place is undeniable. As one of Lamar CISD’s special sites, 1621 Place was designed to give students the option to participate in a more flexible learning environment. 1621 Place functions on a basis of embracing each student for where they are in their educational journey, and the staff helps each student, on an individualized basis, formulate a self-paced plan for continuing their education. With a reduced campus size and smaller environment, students that may find themselves lost on large campuses are given the opportunity to shine. Whether a student wants to graduate early, needs to catch up on credits or wants to pursue a more flexible educational experience, 1621 Place is all about accommodating the needs of each student.

From one conversation with Macha, it is clear just how passionate she is about her students and the programs 1621 Place offers. From college tours, to volunteering field trips, Macha is an encouraging force with everyone at 1621 Place. She beams as she speaks of how proud she is of her students and she acknowledges the very accumulation of hard work and determination it takes for them to succeed.

“I’ve never met anyone who genuinely cared so deeply for me before they even really knew me,” said 1621 Place student Mishaal Ali, regarding Macha. “She is so kind. If there’s ever anything I don’t understand or need help with, personally or academically, I know that I can go to her and she will help me. She keeps me on track, reminds me where I am going and constantly motivates me to get there.”

Marci Macha is a treasure to all her students as she stands ready to help them with whatever may come their way. She is gracious, flexible and supportive as she switches from hat to hat, transitioning into the different roles required of her to help her students succeed.