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Librarians' Week: Recognitions

Apr 12, 2019 | Community Relations

Happy Librarians' Week! Join us in celebrating the resourceful individuals that keep the libraries throughout our District thriving. From providing a quiet place to study, to collaborating with teachers and campus administrators to determine what’s best for their students, it takes a remarkable person to fill such a valuable role on our campuses. We are grateful for our librarians and are excited to spotlight some of these individuals throughout the week!

 Librarians' Week (2) 

Michele’s open door policy and witty personality keeps her students coming back to the library day after day. She finds innovative ways to encourage reading for pleasure and promotes friendly competition among her students. She considers the library “the living room” of Polly Ryon and her favorite moments are when the library is bursting with students working hard on various projects.

Her favorite book? “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. Thank you for all you do, Michele!

 Librarians' Week (3) 

Our Bowie Elementary students can always look forward to a warm hello and a fist bump from Cindy Musslewhite as they enter the library. Watching “lightbulbs go off” as her students make discoveries on their own is the most rewarding part of the job in her eyes. She loves having the opportunity to help cultivate the imaginations of her students and bring them to far off places through books or with her many Osmo activities.

Her favorite book? “Christy” by Catherine Marshall! We appreciate all that you do, Cindy!

 Librarians' Week (5)

Librarian Erica Williams has a one-of-a-kind way of building the most genuine relationships with not only her students but everyone she meets at Fulshear High School.

Erica’s passion for her students is unparalleled as she continually goes above and beyond to help them in whatever way she can. While she is their biggest cheerleader when it comes to academics, she constantly goes the extra mile to ensure her students know she cares just as much about their character. Her authenticity shines through as she promotes an atmosphere of kindness and respect that far exceeds the walls of the library.

Her favorite book? “Corduroy” by Don Freeman. Fulshear High School loves Ms. Williams and so do we!

  Librarians' Week (6)

 Briscoe Jr. High School librarian Kelle Coleman’s happy dance when she finds the “perfect book for the perfect student” is definitely not something you want to miss. She loves having the opportunity to get to know her students on a deeper level so that she can better challenge them with what books they chose to read.

 Her library has become a place where students can come together and explore their similarities with their peers. She recognizes that junior high is a significant season of growth for most kids and strives to ingrain how much she loves each and every one of her students with each interaction she has with them.

 Her favorite book? “The Benefits of Being an Octopus” by Ann Braden.