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Lamar CISD Represented by 125 Students at TSA Nationals

Jul 22, 2019 | Community Relations

This summer, Lamar CISD was represented by 125 students at the Technology Student Association (TSA) National Conference in Washington, D.C. from June 28 to July 2. 

More than 8,500 students from across the nation competed in over 70 STEM events and participated in personal and leadership development activities.  Notable team and individual successes for Lamar CISD include:

Lamar Consolidated High School

  • 3rd Place, Scientific and Technical Visualization: Aaron DyCruz, Kristian Mendoza, Madison Morris and Luis Sepulveda
  • 10th Place, Animatronics: Nick Boyd, George Koussa, Aadil Shatry, Ali Soonasra, Nick Vadlamudi and Camden Vangjiul

Foster High School

  • 5th Place, Future Technology and Engineering Teacher and 5th Place, Photographic Technology: Iris Ung

George Ranch High School

  • 4th Place, Engineering Design and Development: Edwin Bustamante, Zach Carlino, Andrew Laugherty and Josh Prushing
  • 6th Place, LEAP (Leadership, Education, Achievement, Personal Growth) Legacy:  Zach Carlino, Will Culpepper, Gabe Etheridge, Andrew Phillips, Josh Prushing, James Valentine and Ryan Welty
  • 9th Place, Animatronics: Zach Carlino, Will Culpepper, Christian Denton, Cameron Krouch and Andrew Phillips
  • 9th Place Computer Integrated Manufacturing:  Christian Denton, Andrew Laugherty, Garrett Mickelson and Ryan Welty
  • 10th Place, Board Game Design: Atilla Istima, Millan Misra, Luke Ott and James Valentine
  • Will Culpepper passed the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification exam
  • Andrew Phillips was inducted as Sargent at Arms for Texas TSA
  • Haley Nicum and Ryan Welty joined the state leadership team

Churchill Fulshear High School

  • 1st Place, Dragster Design: McKenzie Quarles (2nd year in a row)

Briscoe Junior High School

  • 3rd Place, Website Design: Cassandra Davies, Stephen Etuokwu, Adam Gonzales, Mazen Hassouna, Max Malinak and Tiffany To
  • 6th Place, Microcontroller Design: Samuel Escobar, Mohamed Hassouna, Zachary Sutton, Quinton Walberg and Lucian Webster

Reading Junior High School

  • 4th Place, CAD Fundamentals: Evan Zang

Congratulations to all of our students and TSA sponsors on a wonderful year!