Lamar CISD Facilitators Establish Math Squads

Nov 08, 2019 | Community Relations

Our new Math Squads enjoying a breakout session at their monthly meeting. 

This year, our Math Facilitators decided to make their monthly meetings a little more fun and engaging through establishing “Math Squads” with each of our District’s Campus Math Facilitators. These squads are similar in nature to the Ron Clark Houses that many of our campuses use with their students. 

At the September meeting, Math Squads were revealed by giving each of the Math Facilitators a special envelope to open. Each envelope contained a colorful bead necklace and a die that matched the color of their necklaces.  Based on the color of their necklaces and die, they were placed into one of our Math Squads: Passion Squad (Pink), Drive Squad (Blue), Results Squad (Green), Success Squad (Yellow) and Solution Squad (Orange). 

Each Squad works together to support each other by sharing ideas with one another, leaning on each other when they are facing challenges and working together as a team to be the best instructional leaders they can be for our District. Additionally, the Squads work competitively during challenges/competitions that are presented throughout the year, such as Prodigy Tournaments (on-line campus math technology used by students), scores on District Checkpoints and team building challenges during each of their meetings. Through Math Squads, Math Facilitators have been given the opportunity to collaborate and grow together with team members that they might have never had the chance to network with before.