School Counseling Week: Recognitions

Feb 03, 2020 | Community Relations
Happy School Counseling Week! Join us in celebrating these incredible individuals that serve our students and campuses tirelessly each day. From student schedules to lending a listening ear, it takes an extraordinary person to fill such an essential role on our campuses. We are grateful for our counselors and are excited to spotlight some of these individuals throughout the week!

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It’s clear that Marisa Bienek is a constant source of joy as she makes her way through the halls of Seguin Early Childhood Center. Her warm personality and passion for helping others is not only apparent after merely meeting her, but the joy she exudes is contagious. As the counselor at the campus with our youngest Lamar CISD students, Ms. Bienek does everything in her power to instill a firm foundation of good character in all of her students. She cultivates an atmosphere of kindness and reminds students that no matter the situation, kindness should always prevail.  

Before becoming a counselor, Ms. Bienek had a classroom of her own for 15 years. As a first year counselor, Ms. Bienek says that her transition from teaching has given her a greater appreciation of the teacher and counselor roles. She aims to reassure each of her students that she will always be in their corner and strives to be the best role model and advocate for all of the little eyes that learn from her daily.  

From the countless hugs throughout her day to making a point to build individualized relationships, Ms. Bienek displays her commitment to her students through constantly doing  “the little things” that prove to her students that her support for each and every one of them is unwavering.

We are thankful for Ms. Bienek and her commitment to ensuring our Seguin Suns know just how cherished they are.
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We’re always beaming with pride after getting to see some of our very own Lamar CISD graduates coming back to do big things in our District- Amanda Breeding is no exception to this. As a Foster High School graduate, Ms. Breeding later returned to Lamar CISD as the counselor at Lamar Junior High.

Despite wearing multiple hats at times, Ms. Breeding will drop absolutely everything when one of her students is in need. Her steadfast devotion to the well-being of her students shines through greater with each passing day. Ms. Breeding is always there to lend a listening ear and even when students are hesitant to open up, she stands ready to support them.

While junior high often comes with trying times, Ms. Breeding reassures her students that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Despite dark times, rough experiences and situations where life may feel as if it is beating you down, Ms. Breeding says everything will begin to get easier when you’re able to open up and ask for help. Ms. Breeding gives her all to doing her best and being her best so that she can help her Mustangs in whatever way they may need her.

Lamar CISD is grateful for Ms. Breeding’s compassionate nature and her dedication to the students of Lamar Junior High.

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Hubenak Elementary’s Kevin Kracker is the epitome of enthusiastic. From his vibrant collection of colored suits to his undeniable positive attitude, our Huskies are always sure to have their day brightened by Mr. Kracker. While bad days are bound to happen, Mr. Kracker’s objective is to bring out the good in each day. From the small wins to the big ones, Mr. Kracker aims to celebrate his students while teaching them to be grateful for the good in each day.

Mr. Kracker is a constant reminder to his students that they have the power within them to achieve anything they could ever possibly dream up. He’s the first to jump out of his comfort zone to show his students the positives of pushing yourself and trying something for the first time. Mr. Kracker is intentional and strategic as he forms individualized relationships with his students based on their needs. He seeks to help his students realize their full potential and teach them how to fight for what they want.

While we might not ever know what tricks Mr. Kracker has up his brightly colored sleeves, we know our Hubenak Huskies are in great hands and appreciate his unwavering commitment to his students.  

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While Ana Garcia may be in her first year as the counselor at Bowie Elementary, she’s no stranger to our Dragons!

For the past few years, Ms. Garcia has served as the lead bilingual teacher at Bowie Elementary. Transitioning into the role of counselor has allowed Ms. Garcia to touch the lives of not only her ESL students, but now the entire Bowie student body at large. Ms. Garcia is strategic as she balances all her role as counselor requires of her, while still being readily available for her students.

She seeks to use personal stories to relate to her students and reassure them that not only does she understand their feelings, they are never alone. Ms. Garcia’s huge heart for helping others is unmistakable and she’s always the first to jump at the chance to lend a helping hand.

Join us in thanking Ms. Garcia for her fun-loving spirit and the wisdom she continues to share with her students, campus and community.

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Abraham Vil embodies what it means to be a team player and is a shining example to the students of George Ranch High School. As a first year Longhorn and the newest member of the wonderful team of counselors at GRHS, Mr. Vil credits his team for taking him under their wing and introducing him to the culture, traditions and family atmosphere at GRHS.

He values his role as counselor and is proactive in making sure his students have all the tools needed to find success.  Mr. Vil is an active listener and focuses on remaining genuine, transparent and eager to help at all times. He is passionate as he encourages his students to follow their dreams and will do everything in his power to assist them achieve their goals. Mr. Vil is enthusiastic about the opportunity he has to be a part of his students’ journey and gives 110% in helping them through whatever may come their way. 

We are incredibly grateful for Mr. Vil and each and every one of the exceptional counselors that ensure our students are always well taken care of. We hope all of you had a fantastic School Counselor Week!