Austin Named Region 4 Elementary Teacher of the Year Finalist

Jul 28, 2020 | Community Relations

Mark Austin

Bowie Elementary School teacher Mark Austin has been selected as a finalist for the 2020 Region 4 Elementary Teacher of the Year. Austin is Bowie’s music teacher.

Austin strives to make a purposeful difference in the lives of his students and works to ensure each child leaving his classroom knows they are valued, cherished and accepted for who they are. Being the music teacher, Austin has the unique ability to give his students the opportunity to be on stage and perform.

He encourages his students to step out of their comfort zones, creating memories that last a lifetime. He teaches the importance of courage and takes pride in watching his students shine. Austin’s unwavering commitment to his students is undeniable as he speaks about the importance of always being there and forming meaningful relationships that go beyond the walls of his music classroom.

“Building emotional connections with students is at the heart of becoming an unforgettable teacher. Memorable educators form bonds on a deeper level with their children. Remarkable teachers value the importance of the self-worth and confidence they give to their students. During a time of isolation and online learning, it is crucial that we find innovative ways to nurture student/teacher relationships that can positively impact the way students feel about themselves and others,” said Austin.

“It is so important that my students leave my class motivated to find their passions. To get out in the world and do something, be someone and make something great of their lives.”

Regional winners will be announced on Aug. 3 and the winners of the Region 4 Teacher of the Year competition will advance to compete at the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) Texas Teacher of the Year program. Texas Teachers of the Year may go on to compete at the national level.