Lamar Consolidated High School Students Recognized by Boston University

Apr 30, 2021 | Community Relations

 emily and robin

Two Lamar Consolidated High School students, Emily Dunn and Robin McKee, were recently invited to participate in the Born Global International Challenge Run through Boston University.

Born Global is a 501c3 environmental nonprofit with offices in the USA, France and Lebanon. The organization works with selected US high school students to partner them with international students. The students research a chosen societal or environmental issue and have the opportunity to be mentored by industry professionals as well as undergraduate and graduate students from several different institutions including Boston University, Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania.  

Dunn and McKee partnered with 3 students from Boston University, one of which is currently located in Taiwan. Using biomimicry, the use of nature to solve human problems, Dunn and McKee’s group created an artificial leaf that makes fuel out of sunlight. The leaf bio-mimics how real leaves create fuel with photosynthesis.

 In addition to their recognition by Boston University, the students will receive a monetary prize. Additionally, both Emily Dunn (junior) and Robin McKee (senior) were offered the opportunity to work on another project with Born Global this summer. Dunn and McKee both participate in Project Lead the Way and TSA at Lamar Consolidated High School.