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Dress Code

Campbell Uniform Guidelines

In the Spring of 2015, the Campbell Elementary SBDM team met to review the student dress code and made decisions for implementation for the 2015-2016 school year.


Bottoms - Solid khaki or dark blue chino style slacks with no trim. No sagging, baggy, or oversized slacks are allowed. Corduroy and overalls are not permitted. Khaki or dark blue shorts, skirts, skorts, Capri pants or jumpers are allowed as long as they are finger tip length or longer. Blue jean pants, skirts or shorts may be worn on Fridays with a uniform dress shirt or school spirit shirt.

Tops - Tops are to be collared solid navy blue, red or white polo shirts or blouses. Solid colored undershirts or turtlenecks worn under polo shirts or blouses must be navy blue, red or white. Denim shirts and navy, red or white shirts with the Bess Campbell logo can be worn any day and purchased through the PTA or Land’s End.

Footwear – It is highly recommended that tennis shoes are worn daily for recess. For safety reasons, tennis shoes are required to participate in Physical Education classes. 

Jackets - Outer wear, such as, jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts, can be worn of any color but must follow the LCISD dress code.

List of Vendors - Clothing may be bought at many different department stores such as Old Navy, Wal-Mart, Target, JC Penny, Dillard’s, Gap and Land’s End. Prices range from approximately $7.00-$20.00.

Assistance Fund - The school will solicit donations from private sources and the PTA. Please consider donating outgrown uniforms to the clinic.

New Students - Students will be informed of the dress code policy at enrollment and given two weeks to comply.

Enforcement Policy - For students who do not comply with uniform dress, the following steps could be taken: Change into uniform dress at school, send home letter with explanation of dress code violation, student / parent conference with teacher and / or administrator, home visit by the social worker, or follow LCISD Student Code of Conduct for violation of dress code.

Exemptions – The following exemptions of the uniform dress may be allowed: Boy/Girl Scout Uniforms, Field Day, School/District sponsored days (i.e. Western Day), special event days, celebration days and Spring Individual Picture day. Parents / Guardians, who have a bona fide religious or philosophical objection, may submit a written petition to the campus principal. The SBDM Committee will approve or deny the petition.