Campus Phone: 832-223-1400

About Dickinson Elementary

The opening of Dickinson Elementary in the fall of 1993 was the beginning of a very exciting era in the community of Greatwood! The school is named after the courageous Susanna Dickinson, one of the few survivors of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. The students and staff of Dickinson carry on the legacy of Susanna Dickinson by embracing challenges and by being ambitious in the pursuit of excellence.

The students and staff of Dickinson receive strong community support contributing to their tremendous sense of school spirit. Our staff of caring and dedicated professionals works diligently to make sure that each student's special needs are met. Our team of teachers, staff, and volunteers encourage each child to work up to the best of their ability and to continue to raise their own standards and expectations. Excellence in education is all in a day's work at Dickinson!


Parental Involvement

Dickinson Elementary has tremendous support from a dedicated team of volunteers. Our volunteers spend approximately 1000 hours per month working in the library, workroom, and helping individual teachers with special projects. The administration at Dickinson is "parent friendly" and encourages parental involvement both at school and at home.

We also have a very active and supportive PTO. The PTO publishes a monthly newsletter available online so that parents can be kept apprised of school activities and upcoming events. The PTO has been responsible for fundraising and promoting school and community spirit through various family-oriented activities.


Instruction at Dickinson is enriched with many exciting cutting-edge learning opportunities. Students are encouraged to expand and use knowledge as they participate in programs such as Raz-Kids, Reading Plus, DreamBox, UIL, and Student Council just to name a few. Dickinson also offers after-school tutorials for students in grades 3-5 who need extra encouragement to succeed.