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School Mission
To educate all students by ensuring access to a superior education through inspired leadership among parents, teachers, administrators, and staff, allowing students to achieve their full potential to participate in future social, economic and educational opportunities in their community.


Highlights For Our Falcon Families!

AP Registration 
Click here to view the AP Exam Directions

Spring 2019 Grades 9-11 Final Exam Schedule
Please click here to view the Final Exam Schedule for grades 9-11. Click here to have frequently asked questions answered.

Spring 2019 Senior Final Exam Schedule
Please click here to view the Final Exam Schedule for Seniors.

Administration of the ASVAB
The 2nd administration of the ASVAB test has been scheduled for May 17th. Students in grades 10-12 have the opportunity to take the ASVAB test on May 17th at FHS. Students will need to register on the LCISD website by going to > Students & Parents > Testing Information.  The link will be located in the information about the ASVAB and it’s purpose. Registration is open now and will close on May 1st. If you have any questions, please visit the FHS College Career Facilitator, Brittany Rhodes at 832-223-3942.


EOC Test dates and Tutorials

Algebra 1 - May 6
Biology - May 7
US History - May 8

Tutorials - Please click here to view the EOC tutorial schedule.

Tutoring Schedules For All Subjects 
If your child needs a some extra help in one or more of his/her classes. Please view the tutoring schedules below. 


Social Studies
Fine Arts

Summer 2019 Dual Credit Information
Juniors and seniors, still in high school, may enroll in a college-level class. Please click here for more information.