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Spring Exams for 9th thru 11th grades

May 23, 2022 | Leah Shoemaker

9 11 EXAMS 1

Spring Exam Schedule 9th - 11th grades

This week starts the last week of school for our Freshmen through Juniors. Students can exempt finals if they meet all the requirements. 

Spring 2022 Semester Exam Exemptions
Maximum semester exam exemptions allowed:
Grade 9
Two classes per semester
Grade 10
Three classes per semester
Grade 11
Four classes per semester

District Exemption Policy
• A semester grade average of 80 or above in class to be exempted
• No more than three absences in a class. Days missed because of approved school-related or school-sanctioned activities and pre-approved college days shall not count against a student. Compulsory attendance still applies for students. Any student placed in quarantine by an outside entity (physician, County, parent, etc.) will need to provide documentation to the campus for the absences to be excused [including virtual conferencing attendance].
• No more than 3 office referrals, with no more than 1 assignment to ISS not to exceed 3 days. No assignments to ALC or suspensions.
• No outstanding fees/fines.
• Concurrent or dual credit course exemptions are not governed by LCISD exemption policy- students must take the college final exam.
***A reduction in grade below 80, fine, or discipline referral after the exemption declaration may cause the student to be ineligible for the exemption.***

Additional Semester Exam Options (these are in addition to the regular District Exemption Policy above)

College Board Advanced Placement Final Exam Options
• An 80% semester average, or above, in the AP course,
• AP student participation in mock exam(s) [see campus information/details],
• AP student exam completion [with mock exam practice recommended]

Spring 2022 CTE Course Certification Final Exam Option
• CTE enrolled student will register for the associated CTE course certification
• CTE enrolled student must successfully attend, complete, and pass the scheduled CTE certification assessment during the spring 2022 semester
• CTE certification assessment fees paid via CTE district office

EOC 2022 Score Final Exam Option

• If a student scores “Meets” on their EOC test 2022 spring administration, they may exempt the semester final exam for the content class where they earned a “Meets” in Math, Science, English or Social Studies.
• EOC final exam option applies to first time EOC takers and re-testers

SAT (11th grade): March 2nd, 2022 Final Exam Option * if scores are available due to the postponement of the SAT School Day
• SAT registered 11th grade student must successfully attend and complete the scheduled SAT exam on March 2nd, 2022.
• SAT registered 11th grade student must successfully earn a score of 480 Evidence Based Reading & Writing (EBRW)
• SAT registered 11th grade student must successfully earn a score of 530 on Math portion
• SAT registered 11th grade student who successfully scores a 480 (EBRW) and/or a 530 on the Math portion may elect to exempt their spring 2022 ELA final exam and/or spring 2022 math final exam. Student has demonstrated CCMR readiness

Holds/Fines/Fees/Textbooks & Equipment Students who have a hold, fine, fee, textbook or equipment fee may begin clearing their obligation immediately with their coach/sponsor. Student holds/fines/fees will be distributed during your 3rd period class. Holds/fines/fees may be cleared by turning in the signed form to the Mustang Service Window. Students that have not cleared their holds/fines/fees are ineligible to receive exemptions. Signed forms are due no later than 4:00 PM on Tuesday, May 17.

Where do I go if I exempt a final but need to remain on campus? Students who exempt a final exam but require transportation to or from campus and are therefore on campus during the exempted time period must immediately report to the cafeteria for monitoring. Students who exempt a final exam and have transportation to and from campus must leave campus within 10 minutes of the scheduled exam period in which they exempted. Failure to leave campus within the 10-minute time frame and/or failing to report to the cafeteria for monitoring will result in loss of exemption privileges and possible discipline consequences.

Questions?: Speak to Mrs. King during your lunch or email her at