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Lamar CISD Employee Recognition: 15 Years of Service

May 19, 2020 | Community Relations

Each year, Lamar CISD honors employees for their service to the children of our community. While we might not be able to celebrate in person for the time being, we are grateful for the individuals below and thank them for their 15 years of service to our District. 

In 2005, one gallon of gas was right around $2.30 and Million Dollar Baby was the Academy’s choice for “Best Picture”. Fifteen years ago, the world was introduced to YouTube, J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” hit the shelves and the top song of the year was “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey.

15-year employees: Cynthia Alanis, Trudy Alexander-Love, Lydia Almazan, Sally Alonzo, Carolyn Anderson, Gayle Armendarez, Heather Ashton, Angela Brenner, Frederick Brooks, Candace Bruce, Christine Bryan, Silvia Castrejon, Paul Cerny, Rosalinda Compean, Stephanie Counter, Risa Crosby, Nicole Davis, Courtney De La Torre, Kelley Diller, Karla Engelbrecht, Richard Fagert, Karen Flores, Isabel Fonseca, Brian Forshee, Dennis Fyke, Oamela Fyke, Theresa Gage, Lydia Garcia, Erik Garner, Georginia Guillen, Kyndra Gurbach, Tanya Gutierrez, Janice Harvey, Laura Haugvoll, Pamela Heikkila, Guadalupe Hernandez, Sandra Herrera, Shanna Hicks, Jennifer Hines, Deborah Holzhuter, Lisa Horsch, Shereka Irvin, Vanetta Jackson, Cyra Kanga, Chrissy Konyha, Fellicia Kulhanek, Henry Luna, Rita Luna, Marci Macha, Renee Madrigal, Rhonda Mark, Dawn Marshall, Melissa Martinez, Kevin McCune, Maria Mendoza, Timothy Morris, Maria Munoz, Dana Nowlin, Delores Perry, Kimberly Ramaker, Ismael Rangel, Christopher Riggs, Janicee Riverra, Amanda Roberts, Lisa Robinson, Cynthia Rodriguez, Aimee Rubin, Allison Ryan Brooks, Toni Scott, Jana Simoneaux, Winnifer Stubblefield, Sonia Tarbes-Fernandez, Jenny Timberlake, Diana Trevino, Rhonda Vela, Cassie Venable, Luz Villafranco, Peter Villagomez, Jelena Winnicki and Linda Wolfgang.