Board Books

The documents listed below are the most recent documents available. Older board agenda books are available by filling out a Public Information Request Form and submitting it to the LCISD Community Relations Department.

2019 Board Books

05-16-2019 Board Agenda BookPDF28.36 MB Download
04-18-2019 Board Agenda BookPDF22.91 MB Download
03-21-2019 Board Agenda BookPDF24.80 MB Download
02-21-2019 Board Agenda BookPDF25.85 MB Download
01-17-2019 Board Agenda BookPDF15.33 MB Download

2018 Board Books

12-20-2018 Board Agenda BookPDF22.34 MB Download
11-15-18 Board Agenda BookPDF46.57 MB Download
10-18-2018 Board Agenda BookPDF13.41 MB Download
09-20-2018 Board Agenda BookPDF13.84 MB Download
08-16-2018 Board Agenda BookPDF21.23 MB Download
08-02-18 Board Agenda BookPDF1.73 MB Download
06-21-2018 Board Agenda BookPDF16.75 MB Download
05-17-2018 Board Agenda BookPDF19.08 MB Download
04-19-2018 Board Agenda BookPDF17.89 MB Download
03-22-2018 Board Agenda BookPDF14.06 MB Download
02-15-2018 Board Agenda BookPDF12.87 MB Download
01-23-2018 Board Agenda BookPDF17.84 MB Download

2017 Board Books

12-21-2017 Board Agenda BookPDF6.18 MB Download
11-16-2017 Board Agenda BookPDF19.47 MB Download
10-19-2017 Board Agenda BookPDF9.50 MB Download
09-21-2017 Board Agenda BookPDF11.97 MB Download
08-17-2017 Board Agenda BookPDF27.69 MB Download
08-01-2017 Board Agenda BookPDF6.95 MB Download
06-13-2017 Board Agenda BookPDF30.51 MB Download
05-18-2017 Board Agenda BookPDF52.51 MB Download
04-20-2017 Board Agenda BookPDF23.10 MB Download
03-23-2017 Board Agenda BookPDF15.62 MB Download
02-16-2017 Board Agenda BookPDF12.57 MB Download
01-19-2017 Board Agenda BookPDF14.87 MB Download

2016 Board Books

12-15-2016 Board Agenda BookPDF12.06 MB Download
11-17-2016 Board Agenda BookPDF22.99 MB Download
10-20-2016 Board Agenda BookPDF35.81 MB Download
09-15-2016 Board Agenda BookPDF37.75 MB Download
08-18-2016 Board Agenda BookPDF46.40 MB Download
08-04-2016 Board Agenda BookPDF646.34 KB Download
07-21-2016 Board Agenda BookPDF27.80 MB Download
06-14-2016 Board Agenda BookPDF26.82 MB Download
05-19-2016 Board Agenda BookPDF24.10 MB Download
04-21-2016 Board Agenda BookPDF18.75 MB Download
03-22-2016 Board Agenda BookPDF29.06 MB Download
02-18-2016 Board Agenda BookPDF20.88 MB Download
01-21-2016 Board Agenda BookPDF18.42 MB Download

2015 Board Books

12-17-2015 Board Agenda BookPDF7.39 MB Download
11-19-2015 Board Agenda BookPDF8.91 MB Download
10-15-2015 Board Agenda BookPDF13.38 MB Download
09-17-2015 Board Agenda BookPDF7.99 MB Download
09--8-2015 Board Agenda Book PDF578.96 KB Download
08-20-2015 Board Agenda BookPDF7.98 MB Download
08-04-2015 Board Agenda BookPDF652.33 KB Download
07-23-2015 Board Agenda BookPDF21.99 MB Download
06-18-2015 Board Agenda BookPDF9.40 MB Download
05-21-2015 Board Agenda BookPDF12.19 MB Download
05-19-2015 Board Agenda BookPDF558.02 KB Download
05-05-2015 Board Agenda BookPDF506.19 KB Download
04-14-2015 Board Agenda BookPDF7.15 MB Download
03-19-2015 Board Agenda BookPDF15.69 MB Download
02-19-2015 Board Agenda BookPDF6.57 MB Download
01-15-2015 Board Agenda BookPDF7.94 MB Download

2014 Board Books

12-18-2014 Board Agenda BookPDF6.57 MB Download
11-18-2014 Board Agenda BookPDF271.25 KB Download
10-16-2014 Board Agenda BookPDF18.01 MB Download
09-18-2014 Board Agenda BookPDF16.17 MB Download
08-19-2014 Board Agenda BookPDF18.65 MB Download
08-05-2014 Board Agenda BookPDF1007.70 KB Download
07-17-2014 Board Agenda BookPDF7.60 MB Download
06-17-2014 Board Agenda BookPDF30.61 MB Download
05-15-2014 Board Agenda BookPDF8.08 MB Download
04-15-2014 Board Agenda BookPDF9.54 MB Download
03-20-2014 Board Agenda BookPDF18.25 MB Download
02-20-2014 Board Agenda BookPDF16.34 MB Download
01-30-2014 Board Agenda BookPDF244.40 KB Download
01-16-2014 Board Agenda BookPDF8.20 MB Download

2013 Board Books

12-19-2013 Board Agenda BookPDF15.87 MB Download
11-21-2013 Board Agenda Book-1PDF7.94 MB Download
10-17-2013 Board Agenda BookPDF5.64 MB Download
09-19-2013 Board Agenda BookPDF16.22 MB Download
08-15-2013 Board Agenda BookPDF6.20 MB Download
08-01-2013 Board Agenda BookPDF172.20 KB Download
07-18-2013 Board Agenda BookPDF3.81 MB Download
06-18-2013 Board Agenda BookPDF3.27 MB Download
05-21-2013 Board Agenda BookPDF458.19 KB Download
05-16-2013 Board Agenda BookPDF1.38 MB Download
04-25-2013 Board Agenda BookPDF6.62 MB Download
03-21-2013 Board Agenda BookPDF9.39 MB Download
02-21-2013 Board Agenda BookPDF11.95 MB Download
01-17-2013 Board Agenda BookPDF6.54 MB Download

2012 Board Books

01-19-2012 Board Agenda BookPDF2.38 MB Download
02-14-2012 Board Agenda BookPDF8.12 MB Download
03-22-2012 Board Agenda BookPDF5.08 MB Download
04-19-2012 Board Agenda BookPDF8.90 MB Download
05-17-2012 Board Agenda BookPDF1.97 MB Download
06-19-2012 Board Agenda BookPDF2.62 MB Download
07-17-2012 Board Agenda BookPDF7.58 MB Download
08-16-2012 Board Agenda BookPDF7.51 MB Download
09-20-2012 Board Agenda BookPDF4.46 MB Download
10-18-2012 Board Agenda BookPDF9.20 MB Download
11-15-2012 Board Agenda BookPDF1.65 MB Download
12-20-2012 Board Agenda BookPDF4.35 MB Download

Conflict of Interest Disclosures

Upcoming Board Meetings

School Board Workshop
Jun 18, 2019 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Meeting
Jun 20, 2019 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Special Meeting
Aug 01, 2019 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Workshop
Aug 13, 2019 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Meeting
Aug 15, 2019 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Meeting
Sep 17, 2019 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Workshop
Oct 15, 2019 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Meeting
Oct 17, 2019 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Workshop
Nov 19, 2019 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Meeting
Nov 21, 2019 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Workshop
Dec 17, 2019 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Meeting
Dec 19, 2019 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Workshop
Jan 14, 2020 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Meeting
Jan 16, 2020 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Workshop
Feb 18, 2020 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Meeting
Feb 20, 2020 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Workshop
Mar 17, 2020 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Meeting
Mar 19, 2020 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Workshop
Apr 14, 2020 | Brazos Crossing

School Board Meeting
Apr 16, 2020 | Brazos Crossing