Practice Pool FAQs

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Bond 2020 – Proposition B
Practice Pool FAQ

Why are the practice pools at Terry and Randle high schools included in the 2020 Bond Proposal?

Every Lamar CISD high school complex has an on-site indoor pool – with the exception of Terry High School and Randle High School, which is currently under construction.

Terry High School currently has an open-air natatorium that was built in 1980. Swim and diving students, as well as elementary students who utilize the natatorium for the 4th grade swim program, can only use the Terry High School natatorium seasonally. During cold or inclement weather, these students are bused to the Lamar CISD natatorium with Lamar Consolidated High School students. Additionally, the Terry natatorium is in need of ongoing maintenance due to four decades of use.

Proposition B would ensure every high school complex has a comparable practice pool on-site.

Why wasn't the Randle High School practice pool included with the school in the 2017 bond?

The standard of a practice pool was established as a result of the 2014 bond process. The District has used a phased approach to bring new secondary campuses online. As a high school begins with grades 9 and 10, and builds one grade per year, the decision has been to add a practice pool after the campus has reached a larger number of students, when the need would be realized for that campus and its swim program.

How many Lamar CISD students utilize the high school practice pools?

In addition to the swim and diving teams at each high school, more than 2,000 4th grade students utilize the practice pools each year as part of the District's 4th grade swim program. This program helps all Lamar CISD students learn how to swim before they leave elementary school.

Lamar CISD also uses the high school practice pools as part of our community aquatic program that includes summer recreational swim, lap swim and American Red Cross swim lessons. Lamar CISD Aquatics offers a middle school swim training program at all practice pools and area first responders have also utilized high school practice pools to complete their water training activities in preparation for emergencies.

In 2022, the District will add water polo as a UIL sport at each of the high schools. There are currently several club water polo teams using the natatorium facilities for practice and matches.

District pool facilities are available for rentals in the evenings and on weekends when they aren't being used by Lamar CISD organizations.