2022 Bond Projects Information

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On November 8, 2022 we asked our voters to consider a $1.7 billion bond containing 5 different propositions to support the current and future development of our district.  We are truly humbled by the support of our community and happy to announce that Propositions A, B and C passed.  The total bond of $1,516,623.00 will be used to complete the following projects:

Q2 Bond Quarterly Updates | From Planning to Progress

June 30, 2023

In our second quarterly update, we want to share fresh progress for technology and construction projects taking place during the summertime. Our community may notice exterior changes when driving by developing sites, but we would also like to highlight the upgrades going on inside of our buildings and classrooms.
We remain committed to positive community engagement, and we understand this bond is an investment that deserves full transparency and accountability.
Together, we continue to emphasize the impact of your tax dollars and keep you informed as we move from planning to progress.
We encourage you to stay informed using any method below: 

  • Visit our website dashboard w/real-time updates (Click HERE)
  • Watch our quarterly videos (Q2 Update shown above)
  • Visit our District website at

In this video, we share a host of completed, active and upcoming projects including those from the 2017, 2020 and 2022 Bonds. 

Completed Projects 

  • The security vestibules installation at Austin Elementary
  • A roof replacement at George Junior High School
  • Replacements for 300 aging Interactive Learning Displays
  • Software updates for nearly 200 Interactive Learning Displays at Bentley, Campbell, Jackson, and Lindsey Elementary Schools
  • Cabling for updated network connectivity for Interactive Learning Displays at Bentley and Lindsey Elementary Schools

Active Projects 

  • Replacing aging network equipment on several campuses
  • Updating fiber connections to some buildings
  • Refreshing and installing new security cameras at our secondary campuses in the gold, maroon, and purple tracks. 
  • Future campus sites under construction include: 
    • Gray, Terrell, Melton, and Randle Elementary Schools
    • Steenbergen Middle School
    • Banks Junior High School 
    • Tomas High School
  • The installation of security vestibules at Seguin Early Childhood Center, Ray Elementary School, and Navarro Middle School
  • Replacing the roof at Pink Elementary School, Wertheimer Middle School, Lamar Consolidated and Terry High Schools
  • Foundation repairs at Wessendorff Middle School
  • The construction of a new water well at Foster High School
  • Orchestra room additions to Briscoe, George, Leaman, and Reading Junior High Schools, as well as Foster, George Ranch and Lamar Consolidated High Schools
  • To assist with growth, we are adding 500 seats each at Foster, George Ranch, and Randle and 1,000 seats at Fulshear High Schools
  • Other renovations at 14 of our campuses including:  
    • Seguin ECC 
    • Frost, Dickinson, Long, Pink, Smith, Travis, and Williams Elementary Schools 
    • Briscoe and George Junior High Schools 
    • Wertheimer and Wessendorff Middle Schools 
    • Foster and Lamar Consolidated High Schools 
  • Updating more than 4,000 desktop computers, 8,550 laptops, and 350 iPads
  • Updating the live broadcast equipment at all our elementary schools with new, easy to use equipment
  • Upgrading many of our campuses with new digital signage equipment that will make it easier for our staff to update students and the community on timely, valuable information
  • Replacing an additional 264 interactive learning displays and upgrading the security camera systems

Upcoming Projects 

  • Renovating and adding to our Rosenberg Transportation facility, which will ensure our students get to and from campuses efficiently
  • Purchasing more fuel-efficient school buses to minimize District costs

We are grateful for your engagement throughout this process, and we look forward to our next update in September. Remember to visit our bond dashboard and website for additional information and real-time progress on all bond projects. 
Stay connected and watch us build on our proud tradition of excellence as we move from planning to progress throughout 2023. 

2023 Q1 Bond Quarterly Updates

April 19, 2023

We are making headway on Bond 2022 projects, and as good stewards of your tax dollars, we want to make it easy for our parents, staff, and community to stay informed as we go from planning to progress.

We value community engagement and support whether it is for an event, serving on a committee or voting in a bond election. In the spirit of transparency, we want the community to see their tax dollars at work.

There are a few ways to stay informed:

  • Visit our bond dashboard w/real-time updates (Click HERE)
  • Watch our quarterly videos (Q1 Update shown above)
  • Visit our bond page on our District website (Click HERE)

    In this first quarterly update, we would like to share a host of completed, active and upcoming projects including those from the 2017, 2020 and 2022 Bonds.

  • Completed Projects

  • The construction of a third agricultural barn to support our growing program.
  • The construction and completion of Phelan Elementary School.
  • Renovations to enhance learning spaces at our Alternative Learning Center, as well as Campbell, Dickinson, and Williams Elementary Schools.
  • Increased Wi-Fi capacity at all campuses, 450 student laptop replacements at our high schools, and 137 staff laptops replacements.
  • The construction of security vestibules at Beasley, Bowie, Huggins, Campbell, and Jackson Elementary Schools to increase preventative security methods.
  • Roof replacements for Campbell, Dickinson, and Jackson Elementary Schools.
  • We have also renovated the tennis courts at Lamar Consolidated High School.

  • Active Projects

  • The construction of Terrell, Gray, Melton, and Randle Elementary Schools as well as the construction of Steenbergen Middle School to assist with our growing student population.
  • The replacement and upgrade of 817 additional student laptops and other technology features at various campuses districtwide.
  • The addition of security vestibules at Austin and Ray Elementary Schools in addition to Navarro Middle School.
  • Bond funds will also support the roof replacement at Terry High School and the construction of a new orchestra room at Leaman Junior High.

  • Upcoming Projects

  • Foundation repairs and renovations to Wessendorff Middle School.
  • Orchestra additions to Briscoe, Leaman, and Reading Junior High Schools as well as Foster and George Ranch High Schools.
  • Additional classroom technology and security system upgrades which include upgrades to our current camera systems and more than 600 district devices.
  • Renovations to the Foster High School water well.
  • And purchasing new school buses to reduce fuel and maintenance costs while replacing an aging fleet.

While our vision for the future is strong, we must take the opportunity now to plan and do what’s necessary to ensure that every student has access to state-of-the-art instructional facilities and technology infrastructure.

We know this will keep our students competitive and well-equipped to handle the challenges of the global workforce.

We are grateful for your support. Your bond dollars are already making a difference. We look forward to a powerful partnership as we build a brighter future for all our students.

Stay connected and watch us build on our proud tradition of excellence as we move from planning to progress throughout 2023.

Propositions A, B & C

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