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Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal Selection Process

In LCISD, we believe all leaders have a Passion for People, a Drive for Results, and a Plan for Success. Assistant Principals in LCISD are considered Leaders of Leaders, and our selection process is designed to assess qualities within each of these areas. Please see our Leader of Leaders expectations here.


What Does Leading in LCISD Look Like?

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Step 1 – Online Application

  • The online application will collect general candidate information and include short answer questions that are aligned with LCISD's leadership definition
  • Human Resources will check candidates' references and credentials and ensure that candidates have the teaching/leadership experiences necessary to make them an effective AP

Note: The job posting number for the AP Pool will be listed here once we begin accepting applications for the In-Person Screening Interview

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Step 2 – In-Person Panel Interview

  • Candidates who meet the requirements for an assistant principal position will be invited to register for an in-person panel interview
  • Interview dates/timeframes will be advertised on the district’s website and will take place during the following months:
    • December/January
    • March
    • May/June
    • July/August
  • Candidates will interview with a cross-functional committee comprised of campus leaders, HR staff and district level leaders
  • Interview questions will be aligned with LCISD’s leadership definition
  • Candidates will watch a classroom instruction/management video and complete a roleplaying exercise
  • Responses will be scored against a rubric

Step 3 – Entry into AP Candidate Pool

  • Candidates selected for the AP Candidate Pool will be notified of specific campus vacancies and invited to apply
  • Candidates who are not selected for the AP Candidate Pool may reapply in one year
  • Postings for campus vacancies will highlight leadership competencies that are key to the success of each campus
  • Candidates can remain in the pool for 2 years before reapplying

Step 4 – Campus-Based Interview

  • Selected candidates will be invited to interview with a committee comprised of campus staff and the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary or Secondary (as appropriate)
  • Principals will follow provided protocols for conducting interviews and use question banks aligned with LCISD's leadership definition
  • Responses will be scored against a rubric

Step 5 – Final Interview

  • Selected candidates will be invited to interview with the campus principal, Superintendent and other members of the district leadership team
  • With input from the other committee members, the principal will make a recommendation for hire