Superintendent Goals


Lamar CISD is a thriving, high-performing, fast-growth district with a small-town feel.  From my observations and conversations, the following have emerged as opportunities:

  1. We need to maintain a focus on the preparation for the fast growth LCISD has and will continue to experience
  2. We need to strengthen our instructional systems to maintain our "A" rating
  3. We need to strengthen our CTE and Advanced Academic offerings, partnerships, and success
  4. We need to align district staff to better support campuses
  5. We need to conduct an external audit of all major systems to ensure fiscal responsibility without sacrificing results


Performance Objective: To provide leadership and direction for the development of an educational system that is based on the needs of students, on standards of excellence and equity, and on community goals, the Superintendent shall:


Performance Indicators

  • Establish effective mechanisms for communication to and from staff in instructional evaluation, planning, and decision-making.
    • Action Item: Actively seek to engage and involve all stakeholder groups as community partners in the District’s growth
  • Ensure that appropriate data are used in developing recommendations and making decisions regarding the instructional program and resources and oversee annual planning for instructional improvement and monitor for effectiveness.
    • Action Item: Expand available resources to provide learning that is personalized to each student’s interests and abilities to eliminate gaps in achievement.
    • Action Item: Continue to utilize MAP to focus on benchmark data versus STAAR data
    • Action Item: Close the achievement gap within subpopulations
  • Oversee a system for regular evaluation of instructional programs, including identifying areas for improvement, to attain desired student achievement.
    • Action Item: Ensure the curriculum equitably prepares students to achieve their preferred career aspirations by enhancing both rigorous Career and Technical Education (CTE) and college preparatory programs.
    • Action Item: Strengthen CTE partnerships, course offerings, certificate completion
    • Action Item: Increase the number of students who earn advanced academic accolades, dual credit, and graduate with an associate’s degree.


Performance Objective: To demonstrate effective planning and management of District administration, finances, operations, and personnel, the Superintendent shall:


Performance Indicators

  • Implement and oversee a planning process that results in goals, targets, or priorities for all major areas of District operations, including finance, facilities maintenance and operations, transportation, and food services.
    • Action Item: Continue to build and maintain equitable campus buildings and shared District support facilities commensurate with the District’s growth.
    • Action Item: Ensure facility safety remains a priority through up-to-date technology and that all facilities provide a safe, inclusive, and effective learning environment for all.
  • Oversee budget implementation to ensure appropriate expenditure of budgeted funds, to provide for clear and timely budget reports, and to monitor for effectiveness of the process and ensure that District investment strategies, risk management activities, and purchasing practices are sound, cost-effective, and consistent with District policy and law.
    • Action Item: Ensure that budget and staffing plans equitably meet the changing student and staff needs as the District grows.
    • Action Item: Continue to utilize and inform the Board Budget Committee of district financial status and needs
  • Ensure that the system for recruiting and selection results in personnel recommendations based on defined needs, goals, and priorities and oversee a performance appraisal process for all staff that reinforces a standard of excellence and assesses deficiencies; ensure that results are used in planning for improvement.
    • Action Item: Partner with education preparation programs to establish a cohort of candidates seeking teacher certification to create a pipeline to address recruitment and retention of staff.
    • Action Item: Provide hiring managers with data to identify staffing needs, goals and priorities and develop tools to effectively screen and select candidates who meet those needs.
    • Action Item: Expand access to differentiated professional development and coaching for all staff based on experience and need.
    • Action Item: Create a unified evaluation system centered around the leadership framework


Performance Objective: To maintain positive and professional working relationships with the Board and the community, the Superintendent shall:

Superintendent Performance Strategies:


  • Keep the Board informed of significant issues as they arise, using agreed upon criteria and procedures for information dissemination.
    • Action Item: Continue to utilize/implement a system to provide the Board with critical notifications upon receipt of accurate information from departments/campuses.
    • Action Item: Continue to utilize/implement a system to be responsive to trustee inquiries and provide weekly updates in key areas to all trustees at the same time.
  • Direct a proactive program of internal and external communication at all levels designed to improve staff and community understanding and support of the District and work with other governmental entities and community organizations to meet the needs of students and the community in a coordinated way.
    • Action Item: Actively seek to engage and involve all stakeholder groups as community partners in the District’s growth. Actively seek to engage and involve all stakeholder groups as community partners in the District's growth.
    • Action Item: Increase students', families', and community members' awareness of and access to all available academic programs.
    • Action Item: Equip all parents and guardians with the tools to support student learning and growth
    • Action Item: Increase awareness of Lamar CISD as a destination of choice to live, work and learn.