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Advanced Placement


All identified GT students at the high school level are required to take at least one Pre-AP, AP each year. If you are a GT student and are not enrolled in one of these courses, please contact the following to furlough or exit from the GT Program:

Andrea Fullick, GT Facilitator and AP Coordinator
Phone: 832-223-3829

Weighted Grade Policy

Grades 9-12

Academic Level Weighted Factor 1.1
Pre-AP Numeric Avg. x 1.2
AP Numeric Avg. x 1.3

Pre-AP courses are more complex and abstract. The courses emphasize the academic study and performance skills to help prepare the advanced learner to successfully complete the AP classes in that subject area.

AP courses cover the breadth of information, skills, and assignments found in corresponding college courses and meet peer-review standards set by top educators in conjunction with the College Board.


Students may earn units of credit in courses specified by Texas Education Agency. Questions about advanced placement examinations may be discussed with the student’s counselor. College Board Advanced Placement Courses are college level courses and are offered in grades 9-12.

Students enrolled in these courses are expected to pay and sit for the Advanced Placement (AP) exam at the end of each of the courses taken.

Grades of 3 or higher on these exams are usually recognized by colleges and universities across the nation and may result in the student receiving credit for the course and/or placing out of that course at the college or university of his/her choice. Consult the high school counselor for additional information.

AP EXAM COSTS: Please refer to your assigned school counselor.