Lamar CISD COVID-19 Risk Level: YELLOW – Masks required. For more information, click here.

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Athletic Department

Ticket Information

Click this video link to learn more about the latest UIL / LCISD Covid Mitigation plan for athletic events and tickets.
UIL Covid


These schools will live stream all gym events in their main gym through their campus athletic youtube. Just click on the home school logo of the event to get to the youtube broadcast.

These LCISD venues, as well as all FBISD and Angelton (and many other schools across the state and nation), will broadcast through the NFHS website. You can sign up by event or with an unlimited monthly subscription. Click on any picture to take you to the NFHS broadcast website.
   LCHS Gym                LCISD Natatorium                    LCISD Traylor Stadium



LCISD will be following the UIL COVID Risk Mitigation Guidelines for establishing seating capacity and operating protocols at all athletic events until further notice.  

Player Tickets:

At all levels, our priority is to ensure that each athlete has the chance to have at least one fan in attendance to watch them compete.

Public Ticket Sales:

Due to COVID restrictions this year, general ticket sales are very limited and not possible at all events.  We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to opening events up for all spectators as soon as safely possible. 


All wrestling meets and matches in LCISD will include online ticket links.  Those links will be sent out by the head coach of the host school to the visiting coaches for distribution to their parents.  Each wrestler has been allotted 4 tickets. Tickets must be bought online and no tickets will be available at the door.  All wrestling tickets are $3.00.    

Wrestling fans are asked to remain in the home bleachers at all times.  Wrestling teams will remain in the visiting bleachers.  


Tickets to high school track meets in LCISD will be sold online in advance.  No tickets will be available at the gate.  The host school's coaches will send the link for ticket purchases out to all participating coaches the week of the meet.  Tickets are on a first come, first served basis and will be $3.00.  

Tickets to junior high school track meets in LCISD will be sold at the gate.  Each participant is allotted a maximum of 4 tickets.  Tickets are $3.00, cash only, at the gate.  

All track fans are asked to remain in the bleachers during the meet, no fans will be permitted on the infield.  Fans are welcome to watch field events from outside the stadium. 

The first track meet of the year for junior high is a practice meet and no spectators will be allowed into the stadium. Spectators are welcome to watch the events from outside the stadium if they would like to. 

Admission Prices:

Modified for 2020 - 2021

All events on Campus = $3.00
All Varsity Football Games = $8.00

Media Requests:

If you would like media access to 
any LCISD Athletic event,
please call 832-223-0147 at
least 48 hours prior to the event to 
request media access.


LCISD is not accepting any
passes for Admission at this 
time other than the specific
DEC pass for the team playing.

All fans wanting to attend a game, 
must be in possession of a ticket.



All LCISD sub-varsity athletes will get 4 tickets for their games in LCISD.   All LCISD Varsity athletes will get 6 tickets for their games in LCISD.  Fans must have a player card to purchase tickets.

When tickets are redeemed, they will cost $3.00 each and are only good for the designated game.  The bleachers will be cleared after each game and fans will wait outside the gates for their players. 

All non-LCISD teams will be allotted 30 tickets (online) for District games at LCISD venues.  LCISD teams traveling to away games are also limited to the available tickets online from the host team.  Each athlete is limited to no more than 2 tickets per away District game.